About The Green Rep

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!

A little history about myself, I was raised in Dublin Ireland and emigrated to the USA in 1997. My wife Heather and I set down roots in Kansas City where I worked with the The EMF Company as an outside sales representative calling on companies like Honeywell and Garmin.

In 1999 I was very fortunate to be offer a position at Restronics Inc. A market leader in the electronics industry. We moved to St. Louis to cover the eastern side of the territory. I enjoyed working with the engineers at both Rockwell Collins and Hella Corp. The knowledge gained over the 5 years spent at Restronics was invaluable and I’m very grateful for the friendships gained on both a personal and professional level.

After a move to Tampa in 2004 I started working with IDENTCO INTERNATIONAL.

At IDENTCO I took on the role of Eastern regional manager. IDENTCO is the world leaders in Pb Free Auto apply labeling. As the Pb Free movement started to gain momentum I was exposed to a new demand of more environmentally friendly products.

In 2009, I was given the incentive to start my own company with a focus on two areas that have been of great interest to me over the past 13 years, the Environment and the Electronics Industry. The Green Rep was born and will be bringing new innovative and environmentally sound technologies to the Florida market.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Best wishes,

Mark Hendron